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Privacy Policy

SportZears privacy poilcy

SportZears is committed to compliance with Privacy regulations. Privacy regulations outline the best practice principles, which set the minimum standards for how private sector businesses should handle your personal information.

The SportZears Privacy Policy has been prepared for you as part of our commitment to maintaining excellent customer service, and provides you with important information on your privacy rights.

All information recorded by SportZears will be kept completely confidential at all times, and will only be used in the following ways:

To process purchase transactions: we may exchange relevant information with nominated financial institutions in order to process purchase transactions on your behalf

To communicate with you in connection with purchase transactions: we will use your personal information to contact you if there is any problem with any order for goods that you make with SportZears

Defaulted payment or monies owed: in the event that there is defaulted payment or monies owed by an individual, we may notify or exchange relevant personal information with credit agencies and/or our collection agency

If required by law: If SportZears is served with a legally enforceable court order, we are required to make personal information available to law enforcement or regulatory agencies

Marketing: We will not disclose your personal details to any other organization for marketing purposes. We may use details from your Customer Record to better understand your needs and to advise you of new products, services or promotions that we believe will be of interest to you.

When you call or email SportZears we may monitor your telephone conversation for staff training and service quality control procedures.

If you have any questions about the personal information we hold about you, and how that information is used, please contact us



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