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Laps Laps Laps

When doing laps means doing your head in. Sportzears Waterproof Wireless earbuds with built in mp3 player is the answer. 

Cycling -Wireless

Casual Cycling can be fun.Bluetooth to listen to your tunes on your phone or Mp3 if you want a stand alone unit.

Swimming - Wireless

Go Minimal with the unique wireless SportZears Mp3 built in player. No need for wires or ipod.Get yours today.

Snowboard - Wireless

True Freedom... The SportZears Mp3 player is the one for you. Pack up to 8Gigs of Music to carve up the slopes

In the Gym - Wireless

Exercising at the gym now becomes so easy. No more wires to get caught. This is what we have all been waiting for.

Take Instruction

Use the Bluetooth SportZears to take instructions when you need your hands free. Small mic allows two way conversation. Truly remarkable

Go Minimal...

The reviews are in! Consumers have raved about its sleek design and overall performance. Limited stock so don't wait - get yours today!

Anywhere - Anytime

Time to move with evolution and lay down to rest those old earphones with wires. Enjoy your music or learning with complete freedom

Jogging or Racing

Going Minimal is the new trend in Running. SportZears have created the Mp3 Earbuds with no wires so you can run with complete freedom.

Don't Wait
Don't delay order yours today and be the very first to take delivery of your new SportZears.

When running for your own enjoyment SportZears will keep you company and spur you along further

4 Gig Mp3 Wireless Buds

Swimming Mp3 Earbuds
Waterproof, Wireless MP3 built-in player allows the freedom to listen to music or study whilst doing anything you please! They're completely free of wires that can get in your way and be annoying!

sportzear BLOO
Wireless Bluetooth Buds

Latest technology SportZears Bluetooth earphones. Extremely versatile in every way. Ideal Handsfree for Iphone, Android, Blackberry or any smartphone device as well as Ipod that have the capability of a bluetooth.

Gym or swim
All Models are Wireless!  

The must have sporting accessory in 2013. The absolute perfect present EVER.... for everyone you love. Get them something completely unique that they actually want. In stock NOW. Check out the Raving Fans page on site

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sponsoring Aussie Athletes 

Sportzears Australia is owned and run by athletes just like you and wants to give back to our community. So for every purchase made of any Sportzears product 5% will be donated to sponsor our Australian Athletes to assist them to reach their goals, be it up and coming Australian Nationals or Olympians. 

This will be achieved and can be followed at We challenge you too to get behind our athletes and help by sponsoring them to reach their potential. Check it out today...

SportZears is the brainchild of founder John Whitley who, at 47 years of age, took on the challenge of running the New York Marathon in 2012 and went back for the 2013 NY Marathon. 

Whilst in training with his iPhone and traditional earbuds, he found the wires kept getting in the way, tangling up and getting caught in his clothing and his iPhone. This led him to search for a solution and ultimately the discovery of SportZears.

SportZears have been made possible by the recent miniaturisation of Bluetooth technology. Significant reduction in size over the past couple of years has resulted in the ability to fit full-function Bluetooth technology into the tiny housing within the SportZears earbuds – truly an amazing breakthrough.

The SportZears bluetooth ear buds will connect to any Bluetooth receiver be it an iPhone, iTouch or iPad, as well as Android, Blackberry and Samsung devices, and many more. The recent addition of a microphone within the SportZears BLOO Bluetooth model also allows the user to receive mobile calls if they choose too.

June 2012 saw the introduction of the SportZears unique Wireless Waterproof Mp3 model aimed specifically at swimmers allowing the user to download MP3 files directly into the earbud, making many other devices redundant and giving the user a much wider listening choice.

The patented SportZears water-resistant technology not only allows the user to wear SportZears for normal exercise activity, but also, with a simple change of ear buds (included), the ability to wear them whilst swimming, surfing or water skiing. And remember – there are no wires to get caught!

The SportZears concept has been so well received that new online outlets have opened in the UK, US and Australia, with other regions coming soon.

There’s a SportZears model to suit your needs… check the whole range out out today. 

Raving Fans

A Abela

Perth WA

I saw an article in The West Australian magazine through Chris Wade, who does the whats new and ..

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A Johnston

Jan Juc 3228 Victoria

I wanted my Sportzears wireless "BLOO" bluetooth model for walking and consider them t..

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B Boneham

Thornlie 6108 WA

Just thought I’d give you some feedback on my order. Firstly I was pleasantly surprised with the..

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B Haylock

Oslo Norway

Thank You. "I bought the Mp3 Waterproof Sportzears earbuds online and the swimmer is thrill..

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B Jones

Atwell WA

I found the buying process online easy and step by step. My bluetooth earphones arrived the next..

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B Murray

Townsville QLD

My New Sportzears arrived ia week after purchase and were well packaged. It is light weight, wor..

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Warrnambool Vic

I bought the Bloo version of the Sportzears because Work I work as a dairy farmer with hat, rain..

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C Simpson

Armadale 6112 WA

I bought my Sportzears Wireless Mp3 version for running, jogging and daily listening whilst on t..

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Willagee WA

Found out about Sporztears through Facebook. Ordered, paid for and delivered to my home all with..

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David Underwood


I found Sportzears via the website through Google. The site was really easy to naviatearound and..

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Mount Martha, Vic

"Running was becoming a frustrating chore with the constant annoyance of 'accidental' rapid..

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Dr M Stein

Nedlands Perth WA

I saw Sportzears in a write up in the West Australian Magazine. The order process was easy to fo..

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E Smith

Melbourne 3181 VIC

I bought the Bloo ear buds online using my iPhone while on an Interstate train journey and the p..

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G Glendenning

Balcatta WA

Saw you guys at a local Triathlon meet and purchased then purchased online. Very happy with my p..

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G Howley

Warners Bay NSW

Great product which rid me of the annoying wires constantly tugging at the earbuds. Not exactly ..

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G Salvage

Ocean Reef WA

Very easy purchasing experience. Wish all On-Line retails w ere like Sportze..

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Gwen Lossie

Perth WA

As an amateur triathlete I was asked to test Sportzears Wireless earbuds. Six hours of hard test..

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H Heart

Clontarf Qld AU

I brought the Mp3 Waterproof Sportzears earbuds on line and a..

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H. Hart

Clontarf Qld AU

I found Sportzears via a Google search and was greeted by a simply and easy to follow website. I..

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J Angove

North Beach WA

I bought online and found the exercise very user friendly and delivery time was exceptional. Gre..

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J Greene

Fairview 28730 NC USA

I found about Sportzears trhrough a guy at our fitness centre who was using them. I live in teh ..

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J Hibberd

Erina 2250 NSW

I found the waterproof wireless earbuds on Google and purchased them online, they took 3 days to..

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J ODwyer

Edgewater WA

I Bought my earbuds online, easy to order, prompt delivery, great to use. I use them for listeni..

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J Tunbridge

Randwick 2031 Nsw

I purchased my Wireless Sportzears waterproof earbuds online having found them via Google. I wan..

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J Zannino

Perth WA

I caught up with you guys at a triathlon and bought the Sportzears Bloo version of wireless blue..

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K Chick

Atwell, Perth WA

I bought the Mp3 Waterproof Sportzears earbuds from the Hillary's Triathlon. I amthrilled with t..

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K Ffoulkes

Safety Bay WA

Great company to deal with and were easy to contact when I had a question...

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Kar Kiat Tan

Westminster 6061 WA

I found the Sportzears wireless waterprooof Mp3 earbuds on Google and found the site easy to nav..

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KK Tan

Westminster WA

A big thank you to Sportzears. I bougt my the waterproof earbuds for swimming, runing, jogging a..

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L Allan

Gilberton SA

I took advantage of a Facebook speacial Sportzears had and so they were incredibly good value. E..

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London UK

Hi Nick, Having just bought the Sportzears waterproof Mp3 wireless earphones from you at the ..

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M Knowles

Olympic Gold 2004, Olympic Bronze 2008, 2012

What an early Xmas pressie. waterproof & wireless good! Just been for a ..

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M McGivern

Atwell WA

I first purchased Bluetooth ear buds for cycling to work and absolutely loved them. I then purch..

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M Mulholland

Mindarie WA

I saw the Sportzears team at the Hillary's trialthlon meet in December. I purchased teh MP3 play..

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M Parr

Defence Forces - Australia

I just wanted to say hpw happy I am with my waterproof earphones, they work perfectly and the so..

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M Turrill

Brookdale 6112 WA

I bought the Bloo wireless Sportzears for riding. I found them on Google and they took just two ..

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M. Johnson

Brisbane Qld

"Sportzears has put the fun back into my fitness routine" The most comfortable earbud ..

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N Cole

Sydney 2031

I Bought the Waterproof Mp3 player Sportzears for Kiteboarding. I found them on Google and after..

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N Kindred

Seaholme VIC

I bought a set of Waterproof wireless Mp3 version of Sportzears for going to the Gym and Swimmin..

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N Woolhouse

Mullaloo 6027 WA

I saw the advert for the wireless waterproof sportzears earbuds in a magazine, I went online and..

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R cumming

Perth WA

I bought my Sportzears online and they arrived the next day. I bought them for Jogging and am th..

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S O'Brien

Willetton WA

I bought the Mp3 Waterproof Sportzears earbuds online to use on my jetski and am very happy with..

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S Reynolds

Wembley Downs WA.

Simplicity- no wires! Can't believe how quick they arrived either. Great Product, thanks. Outsta..

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Steve Cull

London UK

Hi ,my wife bought me a pair of your BL00 bluetooth headphones home from the Ideal home show ,I ..

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T Coe

Canning Vale WA

Very happy with the MP3 Waterproof Sportzears. Easy to use, great sound quality with the freedom..

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T France

Myaree WA

I had been thinking about finding a waterproof mp3 player to get me through my swim sessions whe..

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T Pearce

Nedlands WA

Very customer focused company. Happy with my waterproof Sportzears. requires..

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Tolga Kozar


It's something that I really wanted to have but its really hard to find this earbuds in Turkey. ..

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Tom Glover

Triathlete & Independent Tester

I was asked to test the new Sportzears eaphones. I did this for 6 hours with amazing results. Cl..

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W Cook

São Paulo Brazil

I found the waterproof wireless Sportzears on Google and wanted them for Triathlon training, esp..

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